When our Firm brainstormed ways to celebrate the big 7-0, a non-profit organization was mentioned that just seemed to take the cake (pun intended).  The connection with celebrating the big birthday was natural and we decided to help others celebrate while celebrating our birthday!

In 2017, for every new like on Facebook, we will donate a box of cake mix or jar of frosting to Wish I May (up to 70 each month).  Wish I May is a non-profit organization started in 2013 by Lisa Slavens to help children (who otherwise would not be able) to celebrate their birthday.  Over the past five years, Wish I May has provided over 4,000 birthdays to children here in our community.  We found this to be a great way to help others celebrate too.

The most unique part about this organization is that it provides the toys, plates, napkins, cake mix, wrapping, bags, and other party supplies to the parents or guardians and they get to wrap and bake for children, so the child never has to know the gifts came from anywhere other than those that love them.

We are pleased to support this great organization and hope you will take the opportunity to like our Facebook page and visit their website at wishimay.org to learn more about Wish I May.



Fremont Elementary School