Corbett Law Firm

Springfield, MO

The remodel and building redesign of Corbett Law Firm included completely revamping the reception/lobby area, as well as reconfiguring attorney offices, paralegal work stations and adding additional conference rooms. Outfitted with a modern and sleek design, the space has become more aesthetically appealing and functionally compatible with the daily routine of a successful law firm. The new layout includes a curved glass wall conference room offering privacy and yet allowing the natural light to filter into the room. Because the firm plans for future growth, the design includes additional attorney offices, the enlargement of a lower-level break area, and upgrading technological elements, further increasing functionality and efficiency. A major element of the re-design included an existing garage, which was transformed into a movable file storage space, incorporating modern, step-saving innovative elements into a previously under-utilized space. The existing structure features rustic stone pillars which, when combined with the more contemporary new walls, complete the comprehensive facelift. These improvements and upgrades allow for growth of the company in a visually-pleasing atmosphere which includes elements for increased efficiency and workflow.

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