City of Springfield Municipal Court Building

Feasibility & Building Study

Springfield, MO

Esterly, Schneider & Associates, in conjunction with the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) worked closely with the Municipal Court and City Staff to develop a new municipal court conceptual design and site planning for a feasibility study to help the City with their future funding and budgeting.

The planning process for the court facility involved the projection of future growth and the determination of its architectural implications, in terms of the operational work environment of the Court and the building square footage. Planning considerations include the number of individuals expected to use the Court, the various types of services to be provided, and the estimated caseload volume and growth trend. To provide a realistic and reasonable basis for estimating future requirements for adjudication facilities, the project team analyzed the Springfield Municipal Court case filing data along with local population data and developed the future growth model to infer future facility requirement of the Court.

In addition, three potential site area alternatives were provided by the City to the project team for examination of their suitability for the location of a new municipal court facility.  All three respective site areas were studied and were then presented as possible locations for the court facility.  A site was then chosen based on a set of criteria that needed to be met and the final site was developed to show how it could function with the proposed new court building.


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