Springfield Veterans Cemetery

Columbarium Walls

Springfield, MO

The new Columbarium Walls for the Springfield Veterans Cemetery, located near Lake Springfield, were designed to meet the growing number of Veterans choosing cremation over interment. Esterly, Schneider designed Phase I to include 856 niches and a master plan of the 7.9 acre site. With the addition of the Phase II project, an additional 1,592 niches were added to the design, giving Veterans and family members a total of 2,448 niches to meet their needs.

The design of the Columbarium Walls is a massive concrete structure consisting of precast concrete niche units that are four-tiers high. The granite walls sit proudly on a hilltop overlooking the 50-acre cemetery and reflect on the uniform headstones below. The front exterior facade is a highly polished black granite veneer with an extended plaza. Stainless steel letters read “IN HONOR OF ALL WHO HAVE SERVED.” The letters stand brightly against the face of the wall as a reminder of those who have served our country.

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